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Meet Rochinda

Entrepreneur, best selling author,

life shift coach, and motivational speaker

Chinda has a heart for all people and is committed to love, serve, & support her community. As a native of Kansas City, her pride and joy is her family & friends.  She also loves to travel and spend time with her husband. One of her proudest accomplishments is becoming a grandma to Master Jaden. 

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Keeping Up With Chinda is Rochinda's monthly blog post to keep you inspired, motivated, and moving forward in the right direction.

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Chinda's Royal Birthday Surprise

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"I love to wake up on Saturday mornings for Chinda and Friends. Chinda and Friends provides an intimate gathering with some awesome ladies who serve Christ and love helping other women. I have learned so much from business to personal growth. I always leave feeling renewed and ready to take on the world. Thank you Rochinda for building a safe environment for all women

Shannon Rhodes

Co-Founder and CEO of Pure Rhodes LLC

Having a life coach was one of the best decisions I could have made for my life. I must admit I didn't know what to expect because I was all over the place and saw no way to bring balance because I had so much on my plate and still do. I met a living Jewel through God's devine connection and the rest is history. Rochinda came into my life at the perfect time (if only I had met her years ago). Her sweet, meek, humble yet assertive personality helped bring much needed structure to my life. The assignments and encouragement she gave me each week really helped to bring things in order in my life. The things I've learned from her I still implement to this day and I find myself less stressed, more punctual, always ready and the list goes on and on... What I admire most about my coach is the relationship we've developed because she still checks on me from time to time to make sure I'm okay. She makes me feel so comfortable and I rest assured knowing she's just a phone call away. This is truly her gift and I'm glad we met.

Nia Taylor
Former Client

You know when you reach that point where you want to go deeper into God’s word to

 understand the complexities around you? You read the word but there is, at times, a block to fully understanding the message communicated in reading. The gift God has given Chinda through her coaching has helped me to connect the pieces. God’s word becomes more clear to me. The steps forward are defined and I grow deeper in my Christian journey. In addition, I see Chinda as a warrior whose love for God inspires. Throughout the year, Chinda creates spaces  where women gather to hear messages of grace, mercy, love and faith. So, whether it’s a coaching session or Chinda & Friendsgathering, I walk in with a desire to know more about God. I walk away equipped with the word and in total awe of God’s love for me. For that, I am  grateful for the ministry God has given Chinda that reaches many, and thankful to be one of many always uplifted by her God given gift. 

Lynee Anderson

Former Client


"From motherhood and careers to self doubt and new beginnings, the Life I Love covers so many different challenges that women experience daily.  The beauty is that it gives women who are silently struggling, hope that things do get better, comfort that they are not alone, and courage to tell their own story.  It is real in that it shows fear, failure, disappointment, and vulnerability.  Yet it is encouraging as it details different accomplishments and successes.  Regardless of any obstacle, The Life I Love shows that whether through faith, the support of your family and friends, or your own perseverance, you can live a life you love."

Alexandra L. Morgan

DVM - Atlanta, GA

“The Life I Love” is a medley of relatable life experiences.  The short stories are full of happiness, sadness, laughter and pain.  These amazing authors open their hearts to share their truths for the world to see. I especially love the messages and life lessons that you come away with. As you read through the stories, you are rooting for these awesome women, as you will see yourself over and over.  You will see your mom, your sister, your family and friends.  Their journeys inspire you to have a greater appreciation of what members in your circle may have gone through in similar situations. I recommend these stories to young and old alike.  Grab your copy today, it just may help you discover the life you love!

R. Morgan
Former Client

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